Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q: I can't install LineAge Utils, when i run lausetup.x.x.x.exe, installer gave me an "Access violation" error.
  • A: This error is mostly caused by game protection, this is known issue when you have game running, and trying to install LAU. Turn off the game and run lausetup.x.x.x.exe again. (there is no way to fix it, gameguard is pain in <>)
  • Q: When i reinstall/upgrade LineAge Utils, what happens to my configuration and color schemes?
  • A: As for configuration: configuration is saved into config.xml in your LAU directory, installator do not touch this file.
    As for color schemes: there some schemes bundled with LAU, they will be overwriten, if you have saved your schemes, with your own name, they will remain intact.


  • Q: I have LineAge Utils installed, but i can't run the program. When i click shortcut icon, nothing happens.
  • A: U have possibly not installed .NET Framework 2.0 in your system (as it's mentioned in install notes). You can download it from Microsoft Download.
  • Q: Everytime i start LineAge Utils, it's asking me for selecting sniffer device.
  • A: U have possibly not installed WinPCap in your system (as it's mentioned in install notes). WinPCap is bundled in nonbeta releases from version 1.6.4 up (and also with some elder 1.5.x versions), or you can download it from WinPCap WebSite.
  • Q: My configuration has not been saved.
  • A: Sometimes, when program crashes, or encounters unhandled exception, configuration is not saved, it's known issue.


  • Q: Sniffer is not working, it shows only "sniffed started" and that's all.
  • A: Possibly you have selected wrong network device, check yours configuration.
  • A: Another reason can be also access rights, you need to start LineAge Utils as user with administrator privileges. On Windows 2000/XP you need to be member of administrators group, on Vista rigth click on lineagutils.exe and then click "run as adminsitrator" (you can also create shortcut, and set it, to run always as administrator).
    There is also another option, which do not require to start LineAge Utils as administrator. You need to setup winpcap system service to start, when system starts, see WinPCap faq page.
  • Q: I'm using wireless connection, and sniffer is not working, even i have selected correct interface.
  • A: Try to reinstall winpcap with wireless connection turned on. Also try to turn on/off promiscuous mode of network interface (it can be done in configuration, as of version 1.6.6). If it's still not working, than that means, yours card is unsupported by winpcap library and therefore also by LAU.
  • Q: I'm using VPN connection, and sniffer is not working, even i have selected correct interface.
  • A: Try to reinstall winpcap with VPN turned on. Be sure, that u have selected VPN interface, that you are connecting trough. In most cases selecting "Generic Interface for Dialup and VPN Capture". If you are using cisco VPN klient, you must select adapter created by cisco client. I have not verified, if sniffer is working with other VPN clients, cause i'm using only cisco, and microsoft client.
  • Q: Is sniffer able, to see my game account password?
  • A: Sniffer needs only gameserver key for function, so it's sniffing only on game server connection, not on communication with login server, but if you are worried about you password, start sniffer on server selection screen. If you are worried too much, you can even start LineAge Utils itself, after you see server selection screen, but you must start sniffer, before you select server you will play on.
  • Q: Sniffer see my connection to server, but is not showing my exp, or mob hp.
  • A: Sometimes, sniffer is not able, to catch server encryption key. Solution is simple, log off, and then again log on and select server. I server catch server encryption key, you should see message "Decode GS key received (16 bytes)" in sniffer window, after "new connection" message. There is also difference in server key, up to interlude it was 8 byte, from kamael on it 16 byte, so make sure, you have selected correct chronicle in configuration.

Game Client

  • Q: I have modified my files using LineAge Utils, but when i try to start the game, i get general error.
  • A: If you have problems with official LineAge CT1 client after using LineAge Utils you should use patcher that can be found inside "l2encdec" directory in LineAge Utils installed folder. There is Usage.txt file where you can read how to use patcher, and start game using loaderCT1.exe. For older chronicles use either patcher -n (forces l2.exe patching) or loader.exe. Also as of version 1.6.6, you can use "tools->patch system" function, which do this for you. still you must start CT1 (kamel or hellbound) klient with launcherCT1.exe.